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All of Your Investments in One Place

Track all of your stocks, options, ETFs, and crypto in one place and import your positions straight from your broker or add them manually. Effortlessly track your assets and view them all at once or by portfolio.

Portfolio Tracking

PortfolioMeta provides the most comprehensive breakdown of your portfolio and assets in the industry. Diversity insights, unusual activity and event alerts, automated technical analysis, detailed portfolio stats, correlated assets, automated analysis of each of your positions, upcoming earnings calendar, and a curated news feed, all on one page. What more could you want?

Live Market Insights

PortfolioMeta continuously scans over a thousand stocks looking for events that are historically either good or bad for the stock price, and generates hundreds of live insights everyday that can help you find new trade ideas.


Easily test ideas, scenarious, or strategies with the most powerful backtesting tool in the game. This feature gives everyone the power to be a quant, with no skills required. Answer questions like, "What does $AAPL do when the S&P 500 has a 10% pullback?", or "What does $NFLX do when it misses earnings estimates but ran up 15% the month before?". The possibilities are endless.


Find everything you need to know about a stock on one page. Including company fundamentals, automated technical analysis, statistical insights, recent news, Twitter and news sentiment analysis, comprehensive earnings history, recent analyst upgrades/downgrades, insider trading, volatility stats, and much more. With a powerful and customizable chart that's designed to make analysis easy and intuitive, including over 35 technical indicators, 12 built-in shapes for drawing, and important events marked on the chart for you.

Trade Journal

PortfolioMeta keeps track of all your past trades and provides a detailed analysis of every trade, as well as useful insights into your trading activity and performance. You can import your trades straight from your broker.

Market Summary

Stay up to date with the markets, and stay current with the headlines that matter the most to you with our curated news feeds that is organized by topic. You can also see what stocks are been mentioned the most in the news, recent analyst upgrades/downgrades, notable insider trading activity, and the daily news sentiment of all US stocks in the past month!


Sort through thousands of stocks to find the ones that meet your criteria. Select from over 70 filters to find exactly what you're looking for without any hassle. Our scanner is easy to use, lightning fast, and extremely powerful.


Keep track of upcoming events such as IPOs, stock splits, earnings releases, and U.S. economic events.

Alternative Data

We analyze data from popular Reddit pages such as Wall Street Bets and show you what stocks are being talked about the most.

And we're just getting started...

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